Lawn and Landcare Services Virginia Beach and Hampton Roads, VA
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irrigation landscape maintenance KURGAN LANDCARE
About Kurgan Landcare, Inc.

We provide grounds management, irrigation management and service, landscape design and emergency services.

Residential and Commericial Landcare Services

1) Grounds Management
    • Yearly grounds maintenance
    • Mulching
    • Seasonal flower rotations
    • Aeration and seeding
    • Bushhog field mowing
    • Pesticide and fertilization programs for turf, trees & shrubs
    • Landscape cleanups
    • Snowplowing and ice control
    • Storm cleanup

2. Irrigation Management
    Irrigation design and installation
    Irrigation service and repair
    Spring Startups and winterizations
     Yearly service contracts

3. Landscape Design
     Landscape design and installation
     Drainage control
     Outdoor Lighting Design and installation
     Container/plant installation
     Water features

Emergency Services
     Storm/Hurricane Cleanup
     Snow and Ice Control
     Snow Plowing

Chesapeake Virginia Office: (757) 410-0497    Fax: (757) 410-0498    Mobile: (757) 818-5511    Email:   Visionefx Design